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It All Begins With The First Step

It All Begins With The First Step

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It all begins with the first step. The first step to happiness beauty in every form, fulfilling dreams or anything you desire. This special piece of artwork is  made out of passion, focus and inspiration. The inspiration came from the wings from a red parrot, capturing te soft and colorful texture. The depth, vibrance and energy is resonating through this painting. Isn't she a beauty?


80cm x 60cm x 2cm

Original mixed media and oil painting on canvas.


Dit originele kunstwerk van Elaine van der Made is speciaal gemaakt met aandacht, liefde en met de beste materialen van de hoogste kwaliteit. Origineel mixed media en olieverf schilderij op canvas. 


Mixed media and oils on canvas.

The painting is varnished with the best quality glossy varnish.

The canvas is made from high quality cotton with a firm, wooden frame.
On the back of the canvas is a suspension system with D-rings and wire on the inside of the canvas, so the wall will stay unharmed.


Shipping worldwide!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for Elaine to prepare the painting before shipping. It will 100% be worth the wait! We have no control over the timeframe in which your order will be delivered. The shippingtime depends on the distance. All paintings are shipped from the Netherlands.


This painting is made with watermixable oilpaint. No hazardous solvents or turpentines are used.

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

The painting is varnished with glossy retouch varnish, so the painting will last for decades. Where possible, try to hang your artworks in shadier spots.
Dust your artworks regularly. You can use use a dry, soft white cloth. Do not use any chemicals, wet cloths or other kind of varnishes.

The best quality

Made with love and provided with the best quality materials.

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