About the artist

“I love to create beauty into art”

- Elaine van der Made

Elaine van der Made is 30 years old and born and raised in Hoorn, a city nearby Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Drawing and painting has always been a part of her life. As little as she was she always wanted to draw and paint every single minute. Her skills increased exponentially.  

Elaine was really talented, she could already draw realistic horses and faces at the age of 14. It came natural to her. She got noticed by the people around her and they encouraged and motivated her to keep going. Painting and drawing became a real passion of her. She got so carried away when she was drawing or painting she always lost track of time. At the point she had to choose what she had to do for the rest of her life, she realised she wanted to make a living out of her passion and took the step to persue her dreams.

Vibrant, sexy and graceful, Elaine van der Made’s artworks are described breathtaking.The majority of her time she is continuing to develop her unique style. Her paintings can be described as abstract realism with elements of expressionism. Elaine expresses, beauty, selflove, grace and a deep connection through her paintings. She finds the inspiration in a lot of things around her. She can drown in a pretty face, notice every radiant color of an animal, try to record the breathing of the wind and get inspired by the majestic movements of flowers.

Her artwork is layerd with appealing symbolism. It’s like her paintings are ‘breathing off the wall’. Statements of exeptional beauty, Elaine’s art fills every room with deep passion and a real eyecatcher.

 “Owning a special piece of art tells a lot about a personality, more than a bookcase does. It identifies with who you are, what you admire and  who you want to be. It radiates through the artwork. I truly believe that art defines your inner beauty”

Elaine likes to work fast most of the time, but she also can get carried away in the little details of a painting were she wants the audience to look. Especially in the face. She is always trying to make the eyes come to life. It is almost like if the person in the painting is truly looking at you and is walking straight out of the canvas.

The woman Elaine portrays are marked in elegance, steeped in softness and touched with sexappeal. The colors she uses are vibrant and clear. The colors Primary magenta, permanent red violet and cadmium orange are colors you will almost always find in her paintings.

When Elaine is painting, she is always singing and dancing. Her positive energy resonates through her  studio and paintings. Her studio is a bright space where she can enjoy her day, drink a delicious latte macchiato and listen to a big variety of music. She likes to have a clean workspace, so she has all the room to lay down her clean and vibrant paint.

“The world is in need for more love and beauty. I hope my art inspires people to take a different look at the beautiful things around us and the amazing human beeings we have on this earth.”

- Elaine van der Made

A message from the artist

Hi beautiful people!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Art is not just a job for me, It is who I am. Creating gracious and desirous eyecatchers is my main goal.
I love to create beauty into art.
A room filled with a beautiful painting, along with the right imagery,  gives me the feeling to relax and exhale. I pursue to make the best color combinations, so the painting is really coming to life.

 I want my art to give you the feeling that you can identify with the sensuality and attractivess of the painting. I want to achieve this through the vibrant colors, but most of all through the passion and grace of the person who is on it. I want you to  see how my voice of  strength, selflove and sensuality is really coming out.

I hope you have a wunderful day!



Mastery Certificate

Elaine van der Made Graduated from the Milan Art Institute. She completed the Mastery program and received her Mastery Certificate.